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Nutrition Reboot with Anthea
Nutrition Reboot with Anthea

Nutrition Reboot with Anthea


Get ready for the 1-month nutrition reboot you didn't know you needed, until now!

Renowned dietitian & health author, Anthea Levi, is here to help you on your journey to healthy habits so you can feel your best inside and out. This 4-week virtual program is tailored to meet your dietary needs and health goals.

You'll finish the program feeling empowered with the knowledge of why you’re making certain changes and how they’ll optimize your health for the long run. Remember: it's not the number on the scale, it's a sustainable lifestyle change. Ready to kickstart your health journey? Book your first session today!

1 (60-minute) session, 3 (45-minute) sessions, and access to food & mood journals and real-time nutritionist feedback for 1 month.

Session 1: In this 60-minute initial session, you’ll dive deep into your health history. Anthea takes a holistic approach to nutrition, so you’ll discuss your current eating habits and preferences, along with your medical conditions, sleep schedule, stress levels, supplement regimen, and relationship to food and your body. You’ll set overarching goals for the month and choose one or two areas to start working on from day one. After each session, you’ll receive an actionable, personalized plan from Anthea that outlines your to-do’s for the week.

Sessions 2-4: In the next 3 sessions, you’ll discuss your weekly wins and challenges, and get all of your burning nutrition questions answered. Expect an emphasis on nutrition education. Anthea wants to empower you with the knowledge of why you’re making certain changes and how they’ll optimize your health for the long run. The focus will be sustainable lifestyle change, not the number on the scale.

Throughout the month: You’ll have access to virtual Food & Mood journals that allow you to take photos of what you’re eating daily. You can also log your workouts, mood, bowel patterns, and more. Anthea reviews food journal entries daily, so you’ll never have to wait a week for her feedback on your choices. It’s like having a nutritionist in your pocket, 24/7.

$775 total ($200 for the first session, remaining $575 due after the second session)

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4-Week Virtual Program
24/7 Access to Virtual Food & Mood Journal
Creating Sustainable Healthy Habits
Celebrate Every Step of the Way

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Anthea has completely changed my relationship with food in just a few months. I tried several dietitians before this and always felt shamed and like the goals/suggestions were inaccessible.  With Anthea, I feel like she meets me where I am.  She collaborates to create doable goals to build confidence and new habits in a sustainable way.


I honestly thank you so much. I really didn’t realize I was restricting so much during the day and then was trying to restrict at night and obviously couldn’t. I was miserable. Now it just feels like I eat the right foods at the right time and don’t feel deprived at all. I don’t want to jinx it but the weight loss feels easy. I’m relieved to be able to put all this food nonsense behind me because I have bigger things to do in life!


My life has changed from the months I spent working with her. Now I have so much more understanding of how my body works, how to portion my plate, and most importantly. I realized how much of my health is in my hands—and yet I had no idea what I was doing. I’m so glad I worked with Anthea because now I feel like I know how to eat for a longer, happier life. And honestly? It wasn’t that hard.